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Sliding Scale

Very often, people experiencing health concerns can’t afford massage therapy, but are the ones who need it most.

I’m committed to offering affordable self care options to my community.  I want everyone to have the option to get bodywork and massage, when they need it, regardless of their income. I facilitate affordable bodywork so those struggling financially, and in need of routine treatments, can receive it. Bodywork may consist of massage, assisted stretching, energy healing or just holding space for you to have a calm, quiet place during your self care.

I offer 60 min sessions on a sliding scale for community members who find they are struggling at full cost, to get the bodywork they need. (30 min sessions are available for seniors who may not be able to receive for a full 60 min session).

Sliding scales work by allowing the client to pay what they feel they can afford on the day of the service, within the amounts of the sliding scale. The price you pay for the work is up to you.  I do not ask for any financial information to determine the price for a session. The sliding scale is based on trust. You can trust that I will bring my best work to any and all sessions I perform, regardless of compensation.  I trust you to determine what is a fair price for my work within your means.

My prices are set at the going rate for my services. 

"So, What Should I Pay?" The reality is, as body workers we are exchanging energy in order to help you heal. We want you to pay what you think it’s worth, to your care. 

The industry standard doesn’t fit everyone’s financial budget, people struggle with hardships beyond their control, I understand. I would like you to keep that in mind when deciding what you can afford. The people who can afford to pay at the top end of the scale, make it possible for many of the people receiving, to be able to afford the bottom end of the scale. The sliding scale is designed to honor both situations. I offer the following sliding scale structure:

60 Minute Bodywork/Massage or Energy Work Session:  $55 - $95 (suggested rate $75)

When you pay using the sliding scale, you are agreeing to these policies: This rate is offered at my discretion and the price is subject to change. No additional discount is available with the purchase of a sliding scale session unless agreed upon first.  I limit clients to one appointment a week using the sliding scale as my times allows.

I request that sliding scale clients pay with cash when possible.
Avoiding credit card processing fees allows me to offer sliding scale sessions.   

If you are in need of bodywork using the sliding scale, please let me know
at the time of scheduling your appointment.


Thank you to the community for your support on this endeavor! 

Donate toward Someone Who Needs A Massage - your donation would help someone who needs the care, but can not afford it. The community fund is made available to seniors who are on a low budget income, may not be able to leave their homes, or those whose budgets do not allow for immediate care needed.